The Blue Mountain Oncology Program (BMOP) is a non-profit organization established in 1977. BMOP works with medical facilities and health professionals to provide cancer data support and cancer program management. The Blue Mountain Regional Tumor Registry, comprised of seven health care institutions in southeast Washington and three in northeast Oregon, is the major component of BMOP.

Our Mission: To provide coordinated resources to aid in the management of cancer patients and to promote access to regional oncology services.

Our Vision:  To be recognized as a high quality source of cancer information to assist participating health care organizations to attain and maintain excellence in their cancer program.

Services Provided: Based on the level of participation, BMOP can provide the following services as requested by a health care institution.

  • Case retrieval and suspense file maintenance.
  • Abstracting and database management of cancer patient information.
  • Quality control of data and monitoring of staging information for completeness and compliance.
  • Lifetime follow-up of cancer patients.
  • Statistics for annual cancer program report.
  • Special reports requested by the Participant.
  • Assistance with the completion of studies that measure quality and outcomes.
  • Assistance with organizing of tumor conferences.
  • Representation on Cancer Committee.
  • Timely submission of data to the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) and the Survey Application Record (SAR) to the Commission on Cancer.
  • Assistance in developing and maintaining an American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer Accredited Cancer Program applicable to the tumor registry component.
  • Submission of newly diagnosed cancer cases to statewide cancer registries.
  • Access to Blue Mountain Oncology Program’s Institutional Review Board.